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Message by Michelle Obama on Becoming

Hi, everybody.

I can’t believe it’s been two years now since I released my memoir, and one of the highlights of that experience has been hearing from people who’ve read Becoming, especially young people. Whether you are in high school or college or just getting started in your career, I love learning about the choices you’re facing, the pressure you’re feeling, and how you’re making all of it fit together.

And I’m just thrilled when you reach out to me to tell me about something you took from the book, or something that resonated with you, something that’s helped you come to a greater understanding about your own life. Because I didn’t write this book as a vanity project, I wanted it to be meaningful for people like you.

So today, in celebration of young readers’ edition that we just announced, I want to put a call out to every young person who’s either reading Becoming right now or has already finished it. I want you to let me know your thoughts, I want to hear your questions, and I want to learn about the parallels that you’re drawing from your life to mine.

So go ahead and share your thoughts with me in the comments, and I will respond to as many as I can. I cannot wait to hear from all of you.

Thanks so much.

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