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Headline News 2021/04/18

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China, U.S. reaffirm commitments to Paris Agreement

The world's two largest economies have confirmed their commitments to working together and with other Parties to strengthen implementation of the Paris Agreement.

China and the U.S. have issued a joint statement after the recent meetings between their climate envoys in Shanghai.

The two sides will cooperate to promote a successful UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties in Glasgow, aiming to complete the implementation arrangements for the 2015 climate change treaty.

Both of them intend to take appropriate actions to maximize international investment and finance in support of the transition from carbon-intensive fossil fuel-based energy to green, low-carbon and renewable energy in developing countries.

The two sides also say they look forward to the US-hosted Leaders Summit on Climate scheduled for later this month.

China: Sanctions undermine human rights in Xinjiang

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng has reiterated that no country is in the position to lecture others on human rights issues.

During an interview with the Associated Press of the United States, the vice minister stressed that human rights are no excuse to interfere in each other's internal affairs.

He said the sanctions imposed on entities and individuals in Xinjiang citing so-called human rights issues are actually undermining human rights in the region and adding local unemployment and poverty.

The interview on Friday also touched upon issues relating to Hong Kong, Taiwan, climate change and the South China Sea.

China urges U.S., Japan to stop meddling in China's domestic affairs

China is calling on the United States and Japan to immediately stop meddling in its domestic affairs and harming its interests.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has issued a statement after the leaders of the two countries expressed concern during their recent meeting in Washington over issues relating to Taiwan, the Diaoyu Islands, Hong Kong, Xinjiang and the South China Sea.

Beijing criticizes Washington and Tokyo for ganging up to form cliques and fanning bloc confrontation, saying it will only enable the world to see with increasing clarity the detrimental nature of the U.S.-Japan alliance.

China: Tokyo's negative moves seriously damages mutual trust

The Chinese Embassy in Japan has expressed resolute opposition to a statement released after the meeting of US and Japanese leaders.

It accused the two countries of interfering in China's internal affairs and infringing on China's territorial sovereignty.

The embassy also noted that the recent negative moves made by Tokyo on China-related issues have seriously damaged the political mutual trust and the efforts to develop bilateral relations.

Russian FSB says attempts to topple, kill Belarusian president foiled

The Russian Federal Security Service has detained two members of the Belarusian opposition who they said were plotting to overthrow the Belarusian government and kill President Alexander Lukashenko.

The suspects include U.S. and Belarusian citizen Yuri Zyankovich and Belarusian citizen Alexander Feduta.

They were found to have met secretly with so-called "Belarusian generals" in Moscow to discuss details of the coup scheduled on May 9, when a Victory Day parade will be held in Minsk.

Authorities say Zyankovich went to the United States and Poland for consultations before the meeting and their plot for a "color revolution" also includes seizing radio and television stations and shutting down electricity.

The two have been handed over to Belarus.

Czech Republic expels 18 Russian embassy staff

The Czech Republic is expelling 18 Russian diplomats over suspicions that Russian intelligence services were involved in two ammunition depot explosions in 2014 that killed two people.

The expelled are ordered to leave the NATO country within 48 hours.

Senior Russian lawmaker Vladimir Dzhabarov has called Prague's claims absurd and called on Moscow to make a proportionate response.

Ukraine expels senior Russian diplomat in Kiev

Ukraine is demanding a senior Russian diplomat in Kiev leave the country in response to Russia's expulsion of a Ukrainian consul.

Kiev is also protesting against Moscow's detention of officer Oleksandr Sosoniuk in St. Petersburg and rejecting the accusations made against him.

Russian authorities detained the consular officer on Friday over accusations of obtaining classified information.

Moscow has advised him to leave the country within 72 hours starting from Monday.

China's Huawei and automaker Arcfox release 5G-equipped smart electric car

Chinese tech firm Huawei and automaker Arcfox have launched their first 5G-equipped smart electric car in Shanghai.

This is the first model ever equipped with the Huawei HI system, an intelligent software solution that runs on the company's own Harmony operating system.

The system combines 5G connectivity with lidar technology to provide autonomous driving features.

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