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I wanted to be alone with you for a while, but An Jiang’s folks were so warm. It was so hot, but they stayed with me. I cannot thank them enough.


Mum, you are in An Jiang, but I am in Changsha, too far away. I think of you and An Jiang in my dreams.


What a surprise! You, a lady who is used to the prosperous city life, will stay in such a remote village forever.


Do you remember it? In 1957, I was assigned here from the University of Chongqing. It's you who accompanied me, face close to the map, a finger along the thick thin line, looking for a long time, only to find such a small point on the map.


At that moment, you sighed and said, “My son, if you insist, you are going to have a hard time there...”I replied, “I am young, and I have a violin (to kill time).”Unexpectedly, for me, to help me with the children, I dragged you to An Jiang.


In the end, you are the one who suffers a lot! How can you get used to the ridge in the countryside! I always remember that it was only when your grandson took your hand that you dared to walk along the paths around the house.


An Jiang was all I had, but I’ve forgotten that, while you, at the age of 70, after a lifetime in the big city, have to adjust everything again.


I have never asked you what is difficult, and I always think there will be time, and that I will be a little leisure to accompany you... But even the day when you leave me forever, I am still busy in a conference in Changsha.


That day happened to be the Mid-autumn Festival when all the counterparts from all over the country came. It's not easy to develop hybrid rice. I was also the convener. I had to accompany everyone at all times for this festival. Ah, mum, I, as a son, owe you too much. In fact, I know, it will be your last moment.


I always hoped, mother, that you would wait for me two more days.  Unexpectedly, even if I hurried to An Jiang before dawn, I still failed to have the last sight our you, my dear mom.


It’s too late, really too late. I’m so sorry. Mum, you must have been waiting for me for a long time, looking forward to seeing your own son, with lots of words to say to your son, and many things to explain...


But how could I have been so stupid! After all these years, why can’t I just have one less time in the field, one less experiment in the lab, one less day on business, and only just sit down quietly with you. Just... just once.


Mum, whenever my research results, whenever I talk in the International Forum, and whenever I received a cup after another, I always say to people, you, my mom, are the person who has the most profound impacts on me!


I can’t imagine how, without your English Enlightenment, I would have been able to read the world’s most advanced scientific literature and reach out to the genetic masters Gregor Mendel and Morgan with a vision that transcended that era?


I can’t imagine how I could have obtained a systematic modern education and the courage to swim freely in the rivers and lakes without your persistent encouragement from Bac Binh(Beijing) to Hankou, and Taoyuan to Chongqing?


I can’t imagine how I could have believed, in a thousand failures, that there must be a seed that would end hunger, without you telling me in my cradle about Nitze, the great philosopher of life and will?


People say I have changed the world with one seed. But I know, this seed was planted in my childhood by you, my dear mom.


The rice is ripe, mum. Can you smell it? How’s An Jiang? Are your familiar smiling faces still left along the ridges of fields?


It has been 21 years, but I can still see the scene your little grandson holds your hand and walks behind you, with the hybrid rice waving aside. I also want to tell you that my mother, who had never tilled in her life, has a grain in her hand, with the paddy fields smelling fragrant in the orange west Sun. These are the words that I want to say to you, endless words... mum. Rice is ripe, mum, I miss you!

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