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Headline News 2021\05\30

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Premier says China to advance all-round green transition

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang says that the country will "advance all-round green transition" and take the reduction of carbon emissions as a strategic priority.

Addressing the 2021 Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030 Seoul Summit via video link, the premier reiterated China's pledges to peak its carbon emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060.

He also urged the international community to help developing countries make the transition to green and low-carbon growth.

Guangzhou's latest local infections linked to variant first found in India

The local COVID-19 infections recently discovered in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province are linked with the coronavirus variant first detected in India.

Local authorities found that the genome sequences are highly similar.

Guangzhou has logged five confirmed cases and 21 asymptomatic infections since May 21.

The city has expanded COVID-19 screening.

Zhao Yunfei reports.

China's Tianzhou-2 most powerful cargo spacecraft

China's Tianzhou-2 cargo spacecraft loaded with supplies, equipment and propellant has docked with the Tianhe core module of the country's space station.

Tianzhou-2 is currently the world's most powerful cargo spacecraft.

Zhou Fang has more details.

Shenzhou-12 manned space mission to be launched in June

The Shenzhou-12 crewed spaceship is scheduled to be launched next month.

It will involve three astronauts who will stay in orbit for three months. They will unpack the goods stowed inside Tianzhou-2 to obtain their living and working materials.

For more on the manned mission, we spoke with Yang Yuguang with the International Astronautical Federation.

Australian scientist on WHO team defends findings about coronavirus origin

An Australian scientist who visited China with a World Health Organization expert team says there is no evidence to back up the theory that the coronavirus escaped from a lab.

Professor Dominic Dwyer of the University of Sydney spent four weeks in Wuhan to study the origin of COVID-19 earlier this year.

In an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Dwyer says that the so-called "lab leak" theory doesn't stand as U.S. President Joe Biden has been getting conflicting reports from his intelligence agencies.

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