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Headline News 2021\06\14

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China denounces G7's criticism on issues concerning internal affairs

China has expressed strong opposition after the Group of Seven leaders criticized Beijing for so-called human rights issues in Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Taiwan in a joint communique.

A spokesperson of China's embassy in the UK says the creation of a small clique or political bloc is not helpful in the international community for tackling common challenges.

Xinjiang ethnic minority populations on the rise

Official data shows the combined population of all Chinese ethnic minorities in Xinjiang stood at nearly 15 million as of October 2020.

This represents an increase of more than 1.8 million, or over 14 percent, in 10 years.

There are over 11.6 million Uygur people in the region, making up 45 percent of Xinjiang's total population.

Bennett sworn in as Israel's new PM

The Israeli Parliament has voted to oust Benjamin Netanyahu after a record 12-year rule as the country's prime minister.

The parliament approved the new coalition government in a vote of no confidence that was held on Sunday night.

Yamina party leader Naftali Bennett was sworn in as the new prime minister, relegating Netanyahu to the opposition benches.

Bennett had a two-hour telephone conversation with US President Joe Biden following his swearing-in and thanked him for supporting Israel in last month's conflict with Palestine.

Biden congratulated Bennett and the new cabinet, and expressed his wish to further strengthen ties between the two sides.

Thousands of Israelis gathered in central Tel Aviv on Sunday night to celebrate the end of Netanyahu's rule.

Putin: Biden radically different from Trump

Russian President Vladimir Putin has commented on his country's relationship with the United States during an interview on U.S. TV.

Putin will be meeting with US President Joe Biden this week.

In the wide-ranging interview, Putin called former US President Donald Trump an extraordinary individual, but added that he can work with his successor Joe Biden.

"He's a colorful individual. You may like him or not. But he didn't come from the U.S. establishment. He had not been part of big-time politics before. And some like it, some don't like it, but that is a fact. President Biden, of course, is radically different from Trump because President Biden is a career man. He has spent virtually his entire adulthood in politics."

Putin laughed off Biden's comments from March calling him a killer, saying he is used to criticism and that was part of American culture.

U.S. workers quitting jobs at highest rate in decades

Data from the US Labor Department shows that Americans are quitting their jobs at the highest rate in at least two decades.

According to The Wall Street Journal, this trend has added challenges to companies trying to keep up with the economic recovery.

The report shows that the share of US workers leaving jobs was 2.7 percent in April, a jump from 1.6 percent a year ago.

This is the highest rate since at least 2000.

Job turnover has been attributed to several factors including people spurning a return to business as usual, preferring the flexibility of remote work.

While employers suffer from high turnover costs, labor economists say churn typically signals a healthy labor market as individuals gravitate to better jobs.

China to guide wandering elephants to suitable habitat

Chinese authorities have announced a plan to guide the wandering herd of wild elephants in Yunnan Province to an appropriate habitat.

The animals have trekked about 500 km over the last month from their original habitat.

At this point, 14 of them are in the city of Yuxi and a male, who went his own way a week ago, is now around 12 kilometers from the main bunch.

Huawei launches modern center to boost training in E. Africa

Huawei has launched an upgraded and expanded training center on emerging technologies in East Africa.

Based in Kenya, the revamped center will be a knowledge hub on the latest technology in mobile networks, fiber networks, energy solutions, and integrated telecommunications infrastructure.

The center started operations in 2008 and has trained over 72-hundred people across the region.

Djokovic claims 19th Grand Slam title

Novak Djokovic has won his 19th Grand Slam title after fighting back from two sets down to beat Greek player Stefanos Tsitsipas in the French Open final.

The Serbian is the first man to win all four Grand Slams twice since the fully professional Open era began in 1968.

"Second set I dropped physically and mentally, I think a little bit I just got fatigue the bit and just allowed him to kind of dominate the second set pretty much. Then went out from the court as it was the case against Musetti in the fourth round when I was two sets down and came back as a different player."

The victory moves Djokovic one major title behind the men's record jointly held by Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

The world number one will have the opportunity to move level on 20 titles with his great rivals when he defends his Wimbledon crown later this month.

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