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Headline News 2021\06\20

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Raisi wins Iran's presidential election

Ebrahim Raisi has won Iran's presidential race by securing over 60 percent of votes.

Raisi will take office in August.

The president-elect promised to address corruption and improve the country's economy.

Outgoing President Hassan Rouhani has visited the president-elect and greeted him on the election.

Rouhani offered his full cooperation to his successor to guarantee a successful transfer of powers.


"Manchurian Tiger" wins Best Feature Film award at SIFF

Chinese movie "Manchurian Tiger" has won the award for Best Feature Film at the Shanghai International Film Festival.

The Jury Grand Prix award went to "Barbarian Invasion" from Malaysia.

Abolfazl Jalili took home the Best Director award for the Iranian film "The Contrary Route," and Pouyan Shekari won Best Actor for his role in the same movie.

Rounding off the top honors, "Double Helix" from China won the award for Best Live Action Short Film.


Germany stuns Portugal 4-2 in Euro 2020 to keep last 16 hopes alive

Germany has overpowered defending champions Portugal in a six-goal thriller at Euro 2020.

The 4-2 victory gives Germany the upper hand to reach the last 16 from the "group of death" that also has France and Hungary.

They can secure their progression with a win against Hungary while Portugal faces a tough task with France.

In other action, Hungary put on a brave defensive performance to force a 1-all draw against World Cup winners France.


First official Juneteenth celebrated across U.S.

The United States has celebrated Juneteenth as an official holiday for the first time.


Over 120 varieties of dishes for Shenzhou-12 astronauts

One of the chief designers of the Chinese manned space program says the country has done a good job in guaranteeing a good variety of food sources for its astronauts.

Huang Weifen explains that the menu is designed to be highly nutritious and appetizing for the astronauts.

"Our astronauts have over 120 kinds of food items to choose from, including staple food, side dishes and seasoning. The foods for our astronauts are tailor-made according to their preferences."

Three Chinese astronauts onboard the Shenzhou-12 spaceship entered the country's space station core module Tianhe on Thursday. They will stay in space for about three months.


Chinese vaccines help developing countries cope with tough COVID-19 situation: U.S. media

The Wall Street Journal reports that Chinese vaccines have helped some developing countries in Asia push forward their vaccination drives.

The report says Indonesia is heavily reliant on shots made by the Chinese company Sinovac and Cambodia has largely used two China-made vaccines to achieve one of the region's highest inoculation levels.

It also says Chinese vaccines have filled part of the void in South Asia, where countries were counting on AstraZeneca shots manufactured in India, but a severe surge in COVID-19 cases there disrupted those supplies.


Epidemiologist says U.S. should be prioritized in next-stage virus tracing

An epidemiologist has suggested the U.S. should be prioritized in the next-stage investigation of COVID-19 virus tracing, as the country is slow to test people at an early stage.

Chief epidemiologist Zeng Guang with the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention said all bio-weapons related subjects that the country has should be subject to scrutiny.


Record-breaking pair produces third cub

A pair of giant pandas whose fertility has continuously broken world record has had a third cub born within seven years.

The pair had already made history for their first cub for the fastest birth by natural conception outside China, followed by a second cub just two and a half years later.

The parents, Xing Xing and Liang Liang, arrived in Malaysia in 2014.

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