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三、文化领域 Culture

1.  举旗帜、聚民心、育新人、兴文化、展形象

to uphold socialism, rally public support, foster a new generation of people with sound values and ethics, develop Chinese culture, and build a good image of China  

2.  中华优秀传统文化传承发展工程  

programs to carry on the best of Chinese cultural traditions and heritage  

3.  公共文化服务体系建设

to improve public cultural services  

4.  中国特色社会主义文化发展道路  

a path of socialist cultural development with Chinese characteristics  

5.  正本清源、守正创新

to tackle problems at their roots, keep to the right path, and make innovations

6.  培育和践行社会主义核心价值观  

to cultivate and promote the socialist core values  

7.  坚定文化自信讲好中国故事    

to build stronger cultural confidence and tell true stories about China

8.  推动社会主义文艺繁荣发展    

to promote socialist literature and art to flourish

9.  不断提升国际传播能力和水平

to improve China’s capacity for engaging in international communication

10.  世界一流、具有强大综合实力的国际传播机构  

a world-class international communication organization with strong comprehensive strengths

11.  向世界介绍新时代的中国    

to present China in the new era to the international audience

12.  展现真实、立体、全面的中国

to present a true, multi-dimensional, and panoramic view of China

13.  文化振兴

cultural revitalization

14.  重视历史、研究历史、借鉴历史  

to attach importance to history, earnestly study history, and learn from history    

15.  深刻把握人类发展历史规律    

to have an in-depth understanding of the laws governing human development

16.  一切成就都归功于人民,一切荣耀都归属于人民    

All achievements are attributed to the people, and all glory belongs to the people.

17.  为时代画像、为时代立传、为时代明德  

to depict our times, record our times, and promote values of ourtimes

18.  坚持与时代同步伐  

to keep pace with the times

19.  坚持以精品奉献人民    

to present top-notch works for the people

20.  坚持以明德引领风尚

to guide social morality with good virtues

to guide social conduct with good virtues

21.  全媒体传播体系

all-media communication system    

22.  推动媒体融合发展  

to promote integrated media development  

23.  构建全媒体传播格局    

to build an all-media communication pattern  

24.  亚洲文明对话大会  

Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations

25.  2019年中国北京世界园艺博览会

International Horticultural Exhibition 2019, Beijing, China

26.  红色资源

sites and heritage related to CPC history

27.  加强互联网内容建设    

to provide more andbetter online content

28.  建立网络综合治理体系

a system for integrated internet management

29.  营造清朗的网络空间    

to ensure a clean and healthy cyberspace

30.  冰墩墩/雪容融  

Bing Dwen Dwen / Shuey Rhon Rhon  

31.  共享奥运

inclusive Olympic Games  

32.  开放奥运

open Olympic Games    

33.  廉洁奥运

clean Olympic Games  

34.  第七届军人运动会  

The 7th CISM Military World Games  

35.  多元文化交相辉映  

Diverse cultures add radiance and beauty to each other.

36.  保护、传承、弘扬黄河文化    

to protect, inherit and carry forward the Yellow River culture

37.  “两岸一家亲”

We people on both sides of the Taiwan Straits are of one family.

38.  追梦人

dream chasers

39.  只争朝夕,不负韶华

to seize the day and live it to the full


(Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei are like) different petals that belong to the same flower

41.  爱国主义精神薪火相传

The spirit of patriotism is handed down from one generation to the next.

42.  爱国爱澳成为全社会的核心价值

Loving the country and loving Macao have become the core values of the Chinese residents in Macao.

43.  爱国爱澳核心价值在澳门社会居于主导地位

The core value of “Loving the country and loving Macao” has occupied adominant position in the Macao society.

四、社会领域 Society

1.  党委领导、政府负责、民主协商、社会协同、公众参与、法治保障、科技支撑的社会治理体系  

a social governance system led by Party committees and implemented by the government, based on consultation, coordination, broad participation and the rule of law, and supported by technologies  

2.  坚持以人民为中心  

to take a people-centered approach

3.  社会治理共同体

social governance with broad-based participation  

4.  公共安全体制机制  

public safety systems and mechanisms

5.  统一指挥、专常兼备、反应灵敏、上下联动的应急管理体制  

an emergency management system with unified command and reserves of regular and specialized staff, capable of quick response, and effective coordination at different levels    

6.  网格化管理和服务  

digital management and services for a matrix of urban communities  

7.  国家安全体系    

the national security system

8.  统筹城乡、可持续的基本养老保险制度、基本医疗保险制度

sustainable basic pension and medical insurance schemes that cover both urban and rural residents  

9.  公平可及、系统连续的健康服务  

fair, accessible, systematic and consistent health services  

10.  幼有所育、学有所教、劳有所得、病有所医、老有所养、住有所居、弱有所扶

to ensure access to child care, education, employment, medical services, elderly care, housing, and social welfare assistance

11.  普惠性、基础性、兜底性民生建设    

programs that are inclusive, general and guarantee basic needs

welfare programs that are inclusive, general and guaranteed  

12.  服务全民终身学习的教育体系

an educational system for lifelong learning

13.  赋予地方更多自主权

More authority should be delegated to local governments.

14.  基层社会治理新格局

a new model of community-level governance

15.  新时代“枫桥经验”

the Fengqiao model in promoting social harmony in the new era

16.  社会治安防控体系  

the system for maintaining public order

17.  产业兴旺、生态宜居、乡风文明、治理有效、生活富裕    

to build rural areas with thriving businesses, pleasant living environment, social etiquette and civility, effective governance, and prosperity  

18.  人才振兴

talent revitalization  

19.  夯实乡村治理根基  

to consolidate the foundation of rural governance  

20.  养老保险全国统筹  

to bring pension schemes under national unified management

21.  改革土地管理制度  

to reform the land management system

22.  人民的获得感、幸福感、安全感  

people’s sense of gain, happiness, and security

23.  把资源真正用到发展经济和改善民生上来    

to genuinely utilize resources in developing the economy andimproving people’s livelihood

24.  持续为基层减负

to constantly lower burdens at the community level    

25.  小规模纳税人    

small-scale tax payers    

26.  携号转网

Mobile phone subscribers do not need to change their phone numbers when switching carriers.

to switch carriers without changing cell phone numbers

27.  “大班额”

oversized school classes

28.  坚决守住人民群众生命健康的防线    

to resolutely safeguard the lives and health of the people

29.  “证照分离”

a separation of operation permit and business license

30.  城乡用地增减挂钩  

to link newly added cropl and quotas with the amount of land used for urban and rural construction

31.  接诉即办

prompt handling of public complaints

32.  社会保持稳定和谐  

to maintain stability and harmony in society    

33.  问题联治、工作联动、平安联创  

joint efforts in addressing problems, coordinating relevant initiatives, and maintaining social order

34.  保工资、保运转、保基本民生

to guarantee payment of salaries, normal operation of grassroots government, and the basic wellbeing of the people

to give priorities to salary payment, smooth functioning of grassroots government, and the basic wellbeing of the people

35.  加强中医药人才队伍建设  

to build a contingent of professionals of traditional Chinese medicine

36.  促进中医药传承和开放创新发展  

to support the preservation, opening up, innovation, and development of traditional Chinese medicine

37.  改革完善中医药管理体制机制

to reform and improve the management system and mechanism oftraditional Chinese medicine

38.  双层式社会保障制度

two-tier social security system  

39.  包容和谐增强社会凝聚力  

Inclusiveness and harmony enhance social unity.

40.  完善空间治理    

to improve spatial governance

41.  覆盖全社会的征信体系

a credit system covering all citizens

42.  扫黑除恶专项斗争  

a campaign to combat organized crime and root out local bullies

43.  各族人民对美好生活的向往    

the yearning of people of all ethnic groups for a better life

44.  万九公屋

public housing project of Macao

五、生态文明 Eco-civilization

1.  节约优先、保护优先、自然恢复为主

principles of prioritizing resource conservation and environmental protection and promoting self-restoration of nature

principles of prioritizing resource conservation and environmental protection, and letting nature restore itself

2.  主体功能区制度

a functional zoning system  

3.  山水林田湖草一体化保护和修复  

a holistic approach to protecting and restoring mountains, rivers, forests, farmlands, lakes, and grasslands

4.  生态振兴

ecological revitalization

5.  生态环境损害赔偿制度

an eco-indemnity system

6.  资源高效利用制度  

a system for efficient utilization of resources

7.  垃圾分类和资源化利用制度    

a system for waste sorting and recycling

8.  生态保护和修复制度    

a system for ecological conservation and restoration

9.  国家公园保护制度  

a national park system

10.  生态环境保护责任制度

an accountability system for eco-environmental protection

11.  蓝色伙伴关系    

blue partnership

12.  保护海洋生物多样性    

to protect marine bio diversity  

13.  加强海洋环境污染防治

to strengthen prevention and control of marine pollution  

14.  实现海洋资源有序开发利用    

orderly development and utilization of marine resources  

15.  高度重视海洋生态文明建设    

to develop marine eco-civilization

16.  建立以国家公园为主体的自然保护地体系    

to build a nature reserves system centering on national parks

17.  能源消费双控制度  

to control the total amount and intensity of energy consumption

18.  改善生态环境就是发展生产力

Environmental improvement means greater productivity.  

19.  热爱自然情怀    

a philosophy that cares for nature  

20.  全球生态文明

global endeavor for eco-civilization

21.  绿色发展理念    

the vision of green development

22.  防治土地荒漠化推动绿色发展    

to combat desertification and promote green development

23.  保持加强生态文明建设的战略定力

to maintain the strategic focus on developing eco-civilization

24.  探索以生态优先、绿色发展为导向的高质量发展新路

to explore a new path of high-quality development giving priority to ecological conservation and green development

25.  加大生态系统保护力度

to strengthen ecosystem protection

26.  打好污染防治攻坚战

to win the battle of pollution prevention and control    

27.  打赢蓝天保卫战

to make our skies blue again

28.  绿色发展人人有责,贵在行动、成在坚持    

We all -- each and every one of us -- have a responsibility for green development. Its entire success hinges on our commitment and actions.

29.  推进水资源节约集约利用  

to promote the economical and intensive utilization of water resources    

30.  保障黄河长治久安  

to keep the Yellow River harnessed

31.  黄河流域构成我国重要的生态屏障    

The Yellow River basin constitutes an important ecological barrier in China.

六、外交军事 Foreign and Military Affairs

1.  全球治理体系改革和建设  

to reform and develop the global governance system

2.  共商共建共享的全球治理观    

an approach to global governance based on extensive consultation, joint contribution, and shared benefits  

3.  新型国际关系

a new form of international relations

a new model of international relations

4.  人类命运共同体

a global community of shared future

a global community with a shared future

a community of shared future for humanity

a community of shared future for mankind

5.  中国开放的大门只会越开越大

China will only become more and more open.

6.  中国市场这么大,欢迎大家都来看看

The Chinese market is such a big one that you should all come and see what it can offer.

7.  加大对最不发达国家支持力度

to increase support to least developed countries

8.  推进互联互通,挖掘增长新动力

to boost connectivity to explore new sources of growth

9.  加强政策对接,打造更紧密伙伴关系

to strengthen policy coordination and build closer partnerships

10.  全球互联互通伙伴关系

a global partnership on connectivity

11.  “一带一路”专项贷款

the Belt and Road multi-currency special lending

12.  磋商要相互尊重、平等互利    

Consultations should be based on mutual respect, equality, and mutual benefit.

13.  磋商要相向而行、诚信为本    

Consultation involves working toward the same goal in good faith.  

14.  中国在原则问题上决不让步    

China will not give ground on issues of principle.

15.  任何挑战都挡不住中国前进的步伐    

No challenge will hold back China’s development.

16.  以联合国为核心的国际体系    

the UN-centered international system  

17.  单边主义


18.  保护主义


19.  治理赤字

deficit of governance

20.  发展赤字

deficit of development  

21.  信任赤字

deficit of trust    

22.  营造和平稳定的安全环境  

to foster a security environment of peace and stability

23.  霸权主义和强权政治

hegemonism and power politics

24.  谋求开放创新的发展前景  

to pursue greater development prospects through openness and innovation    

25.  多边主义


26.  多边贸易体制    

multilateral trading system 

27. 《巴黎协定》    

The Paris Agreement (on climate change)  

28.  促进互学互鉴的人文交流  

to promote mutual learning through people-to-people exchanges

29.  共商共建共享    

extensive consultation, joint contribution, and shared benefits

30.  世界多极化、经济全球化、文化多样化、社会信息化  

The world today is moving toward greater multi-polarity, economic globalization, and cultural diversity, and is becoming increasingly information-oriented.

31.  和平安宁的亚洲  

peace and stability across Asia

32.  共同繁荣的亚洲

common prosperity in Asia

33.  开放融通的亚洲

an open and better-connected Asia

34.  各国合力推进开放、包容、普惠、平衡、共赢的经济全球化

Countries will work together to promote economic globalization and make itmore open, inclusive, balanced, and beneficial to all.

35.  展示和传播文明之美

for the best of Asian civilizations to spread and be better known in the world

36.  开放包容、互学互鉴

to stay open and inclusive and draw on each other’s strengths

37.  新兴市场国家    

emerging markets    

38.  谋求开放创新的发展前景  

to pursue greater development prospects through openness and innovation    

39.  新科技革命和产业变革方兴未艾  

A burgeoning round of technological revolution and industrial transformation has taken place.  

40.  推动全球经济治理体系变革    

to push for reform of the global economic governance system

41.  金砖+

“BRICS Plus”    

42.  金砖国家新工业革命伙伴关系

the BRICS partnership on new industrial revolution    

43.  独立自主的和平外交政策  

the independent foreign policy of peace

44.  中非命运共同体

the China-Africa community with a shared future

45.  中拉命运共同体

the China-LAC (Latin America and the Caribbean) community with a shared future

46.  亚太命运共同体

the Asia-Pacific community with a shared future  

47.  世界各国互利合作  

the mutually beneficial cooperation of countries around the world

48.  深化文明交流互鉴  

to enhance exchanges and mutual learning between civilizations

49.  搬不走的好邻居、拆不散的真伙伴

a good neighbor who won’t move away, and a true partner who can’t be separated

50.  历久弥坚金不换

to remain unshakable and becoming even firmer as time goes by, and being so valuable that we would not exchange it even for gold

51.  独立自主和对外开放相统一

integration of independence and opening up to the outside world  

52.  推动“一带一路”创新合作与民心相通  

to promote innovation cooperation and people-to-people ties along the Belt and Road

53.  第二届“一带一路”国际合作高峰论坛  

The Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation  

54.  中国和意大利分处古丝绸之路两端,开展“一带一路”合作天经地义

Located at both ends of the ancient Silk Road, it is perfectly natural for China and Italy to advance cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative.

55.  我们对于时间的理解,不是以十年、百年为计,而是以百年、千年为计

In our understanding, time cannot be measured in ten years or a hundred years, but in hundreds of years or thousands of years.

56.  我们应该保持定力,不随波逐流,坚持独立自主,坚持相互尊重

We should remain committed, stay true to our value, and adhere toindependence and mutual respect.

57.  中国改革开放已经走过40年历程,未来开放的大门将越开越大

China’s reform and opening up have gone through the course of 40 years, and the door of opening up will be even wider in the future.

58.  对一个国家的评价,不能只看面积,也要看文化的影响力和对人类文明发展的推动力

When we evaluate a country, we should not just look at its size, but we need to consider its cultural impacts and its impetus in advancing human civilization.

59.  今天的“一带一路”成为沿线国家共同描绘的“工笔画”

Today the Belt and Road Initiative has become a “meticulous painting” jointly done by countries along the routes.

60.  知古可以鉴今,为了更好前行

By learning from history, we can draw lessons to guide today’s actions and move forward to a better future.

61.  要把中法关系发展好,政治互信是关键,务实合作是必由之路,国民感情是基础

To make the China-France relations strong, mutual political trust is the key, pragmatic cooperation is the inevitable route, and friendship between the two peoples is the foundation.

62.  既要畅通政府间合作的“主渠道”,也要丰富民间交往的“涓涓细流”

We should not only smooth the “main channel” of inter-governmental cooperation but also enhance the “trickle” of non-governmental exchanges.

63.  携手合作、互利共赢才是解决各种全球性问题的唯一正确选择

Working together for mutual benefit and win-win results is the only correctchoice to solve global problems of all kinds.

64.  中德不是竞争者,更不是对手,以合作谋共赢是中德关系发展的主线

China and Germany are not competitors, let alone rivals. And seeking win-win results through cooperation is the major concern in developing China-Germany relations.

65.  各国应该有以天下为己任的担当精神,积极做行动派、不做观望者

All countries should regard taking part in world affairs as their own duty and actively take actions rather than being on lookers.

66.  坚持全球事务由各国人民商量着办,积极推进全球治理规则民主化

Upholding the principle that global affairs should be settled by the people of the world through consultation, and actively advancing the democratizationof global governance rules.

67.  我们要把互尊互信挺在前头,把对话协商利用起来,坚持求同存异、聚同化异

We must put mutual respect and mutual trust in the first place, make good use of dialogue and consultation, and seek common ground while shelving and narrowing differences.

68.  要坚持正确义利观,以义为先、义利兼顾,构建命运与共的全球伙伴关系

It is necessary to adhere to the correct concept of justice and interests,put righteousness first, uphold justice while pursuing shared interests, andbuild a global partnership that shares the common future.

69.  摒弃冷战思维、零和博弈的旧思维,摒弃弱肉强食的丛林法则,以合作谋和平、以合作促安全,坚持以和平方式解决争端

We must discard Cold-War and zero-sum mentalities, reject the Law of the Jungle, seek peace and promote safety through cooperation, and insist on settling disputes through peaceful means.

70.  我们要坚持创新驱动,打造富有活力的增长模式;坚持协同联动,打造开放共赢的合作模式;坚持公平包容,打造平衡普惠的发展模式

We should pursue a model of dynamic growth driven by innovation, a model ofcooperation featuring coordination and connectivity, open and win-win, and a model of development based on fairness, inclusiveness, balance and benefits forall.

71.  历史发展、文明繁盛、人类进步,从来离不开思想引领

The development of history, the prosperity of civilization, and the progress of mankind can never be separated from the guidance of thought.

72.  坚持相互尊重,坚持合作共赢、开放包容理念,通过做大合作蛋糕逐渐消弭分歧

We should adhere to mutual respect, the concept of win-win cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, and gradually eliminate differences by baking a bigger cake of cooperation.

73.  军委主席负责制

the principle of ultimate responsibility resting with the chairman of the Central Military Commission

74.  国防和军队改革

reform on national defense and the military

75.  军事政策制度改革  

reform on military policies and institutions

76.  强军战略

the strategy of strengthening the military

77.  军队建设发展“十三五”规划

the 13th Five-Year Plan for the development of the military  

78.  努力做新时代的好战士

to be good soldiers of the new era  

七、脱贫攻坚 Poverty Alleviation

1.  建立解决相对贫困的长效机制

to establish long-term mechanisms for eradicating relative poverty    

2.  对口帮扶,先富帮后富

paired-up assistance, and those who have become better-off help those still lagging behind

3.  发挥基层党组织带领群众脱贫致富的战斗堡垒作用

Local Party organizations should play a crucial role in leading the residents out of poverty and toward prosperity.

4.  深化扶贫领域腐败和作风问题专项治理  

to make greater efforts in the fight against corruption and misconduct inpoverty alleviation

5.  摘帽不摘政策    

to continue poverty alleviation policy support for counties that have been removed from the poverty list

6.  “扶真贫、真扶贫”  

to help those in need and deliver genuine assistance

7.  “四个问题”(“扶持谁、谁来扶、怎么扶、如何退”)    

four key issues in poverty alleviation – who needs help, who provides help, how to help, and how to be removed from the poverty list    

8.  解决区域性整体贫困    

to eliminate regional poverty

9.  “五级书记”抓扶贫

CPC secretaries at five levels are all responsible for poverty alleviation.  

10.  发展生产脱贫

to eliminate poverty through developing the local economy

11.  易地搬迁脱贫    

relocation of rural poor for poverty alleviation

12.  生态补偿脱贫    

to compensate impoverished residents for eco-environmental protection

13.  发展教育脱贫    

poverty elimination through education

14.  社会保障兜底    

to provide subsistence allowances to the poor to meet their basic needs

15.  扶贫工作务实、脱贫过程扎实、脱贫结果真实  

to make concrete and solid efforts in poverty alleviation for practical results

16.  不摘责任、不摘政策、不摘帮扶、不摘监管

Poverty alleviation duties, policies, assistance, and oversight will continue after poor counties are removed from the poverty list.

17.  东西部扶贫协作

paired-up assistance between the east and the west

18.  把基层减负各项决策落到实处

to implement policy decisions designed to ease the burdens at the community level

19.  深度贫困地区三区三州

the most impoverished three regions and three prefectures: The “three regions” are Tibet, the Tibetan ethnic areas of Sichuan, Yunnan, Gansu and Qinghai provinces, and the four prefectures in southern Xinjiang (Hotan, Aksu, Kashi and Kizilsu Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture); the “three prefectures” are the Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan, Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan and Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture in Gansu.

20.  做好革命老区、中央苏区脱贫奔小康工作

to help old revolutionary base areas and former central Soviet area seliminate poverty and achieve moderate prosperity

21.  发扬滴水穿石精神  

to carry forward the spirit of “constant dripping water wearing away astone”

to work with patience and perseverance

22.  走好乡村振兴之路  

to take solid steps in rural vitalization  

23.  持续巩固脱贫成果,积极建设美好家园  

to consolidate the progress in poverty alleviationand build a better home

八、科学技术 Science and Technology

1.  科技创新引领    

scientific and technological innovation as the driving force    

2.  国家战略科技力量  

to build up China’s strategic capacity in science and technology

3.  科技伦理治理体制  

a regulatory system for ethics in science and technology  

4.  人工智能引领的新一轮科技革命和产业变革

a new round of scientific and technological revolutions and industrial transformations led by artificial intelligence

5.  推动新一代人工智能健康发展

to boost healthy development of the new generation of artificial intelligence

6.  脑科学    

brain science

7.  传感网    

sensor network  

8.  世界智能大会    

World Intelligence Congress (WIC)

9.  重组国家重点实验室体系  

to restructure the system of key national laboratories

10.  建设重大创新基地和创新平台

to build major innovation bases and platforms

11.  完善产学研协同创新机制  

to improve the mechanism for collaborative innovation among enterprises, universities and research institutions

12.  加强重大创新领域战略研判和前瞻部署  

to strengthen strategic research and forward-looking deployment concerning major innovation  

13.  做好系统性科技战略布局  

to make a systematic strategic layout of science and technology

14.  完善技术市场    

to improve the technology market  

15.  发挥科技型民企的创新引领作用  

to give full play to private sci-tech enterprises in innovation

16.  开展项目经费使用“包干制”改革试点  

to launch a pilot scheme of lump-sum project-funding

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