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China to expedite delivery of policy package to stabilize economy

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China urges U.S. to embrace mutual respect, win-win cooperation

Chinese authorities have urged the United States to embrace the principles of mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and win-win cooperation.

In a recent speech, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken characterized the Biden administration's China strategy as "invest, align and compete."

In response, the Chinese Foreign Ministry says the country believes that building a world of connectivity, diversity and inclusiveness is a responsibility and obligation that both China and the U.S. must undertake.

UN warns of potential global food crisis

UN chief Antonio Guterres says the Russia-Ukraine conflict could lead to a global food crisis that will hit developing countries the hardest.

Guterres also says the Ukraine crisis is fueling "a three-dimensional global crisis for food, energy and finance".

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization estimates Russia and Ukraine provide 19 percent of the world's barley supply, 14 percent of wheat and 4 percent of maize, making up more than one third of global cereal exports.

Russian forces seize part of key city in eastern Ukraine

The Ukrainian Armed Forces say Russian forces have taken control over the eastern part of Severodonetsk.

The city is the administrative center of the Ukraine-controlled part of the Lugansk region.

Street fighting in the city continues and Ukrainian forces have carried out counterattacks in some parts of Severodonetsk.

China to expedite delivery of policy package to stabilize economy 

Authorities say China will speed up the implementation of a package of policy measures to maintain stable economic performance.

The decision comes as part of the State Council's Executive Meeting chaired by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.

The meeting stresses the need to examine the policy package and flesh out each and every measure to make sure all those eligible should be fully informed and benefit to the fullest extent.

Bilbao port contributes to Europe-China connectivity

The European market is increasingly connected with China, due to the continued growth of the country's economy.

A Spanish port is playing a role in this process, especially in terms of maritime trade.

Five killed in U.S. hospital campus shooting

Police say five people, including the shooter, have been killed in a hospital campus shooting in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The gunman was reportedly armed with a rifle at the Natalie Medical Building, a physicians' office building on the St. Francis Hospital campus.

China's wetland protection law takes effect

China's new law on wetland protection has officially taken effect to strengthen conservation for the country's vast wetland areas.

The law specifies different levels of governmental administrations over wetlands across China.

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