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1.Your Honor Mr.Mayor,thank you very much for your extraordinary arrangements and hospitality.In the short period of the two week study tour,we have travelled much of your country.

Those were indeed exciting and unforgettable days.We have experienced the warm reception,the utmost courtesy and genuine friendship of the Chinese people.

We have been deeply impressed by the diversity,dynamism,and progress of China under the policies of reform and opening up to the outside world.

We are glad that we are part of the dramatic process of your change from the planned economy to the market-oriented economy.The cooperative relations between our two countries have become so extensive that they have affected almost all areas of economy.





2. 主席先生,女士们,先生们,我宣布英特网服务国际研讨会开幕,在此我向参加开幕式的各界来宾表示热烈的欢迎。




Mr.Chairman,ladies and gentlemen,I declare open the International Symposium on Internet Service.I’d like to extend a warm welcome to our guests from various circles.

I wish to express our sincere thanks to the British and Australian companies and their specialists whose generous help has made possible the successful commencement of this symposium.

Some overseas developed countries have accumulated much experience in promoting Internet service.And their experience deserves our reference and study.Through exchange,we will be able to acquire more information and knowledge.

I believe the symposium will be constructive and significant in popularizing the use of Internet service in China.I wish the symposium a complete success.





On behalf of all the members of my group,I’d like to thank you,Mr.Chairman,for your gracious invitation for us to attend such an enjoyable Christmas party.

Christmas is really a wonderful time of a year.The christmas get-together party is symbolic of the warmth,union,and decication of mankind.

The celebration of Christmas this year is more meaningful to all of us,because our joint venture has had a remarkable sales growth this year.

I hope we will be able to maintain this practical cooperative relationship and make the coming new year a more fruitful year.May I ask you to make a toast with me to a better business in the coming year.

4. 今晚,我们很高兴在北京大学两次接待我们的老朋友格林博士和夫人。



It gives us great pleasure to play host tonight to our old friends,Dr. and Mrs.Green in Beijing University once again.//On behalf of the faculty ,students and staff of the university ,I wish to extend our warm welcome to Dr. and Mrs.Green and other distinguished New Zealand guests.//I am convinced that Dr. Green’s current visit to our university will surely make an important contribution to further strengthening the friendly relations and cooperation between our two countries.//Our distinguished guests will leave for Nanjing and Shanghai tomorrow.I wish you all a pleasant journey.



1. Some universities,like Oxford and Cambridge in Britain,are residential,which means students live and study on campus.Other universities are non-residential,which means students have to spend a lot of time to travel daily to their lectures.

There are also part-time students who have to do their work during the day,and they study in the evening.Other part-time students have to study by correspondence.

”The Open Universities”can also help students to gain university degrees.Here,lectures are mainly given on radio or television.However,for a few weeks each year,students can attend vacation courses at universities.

For admission to any university degree course,a student has to pass qualifying examinations.In Britain,there are not enough places for asll secondary school students,so these qualifying examinations are highly competitive.




2. Last year a research was carried out on the skills of university students.The findings confirm the worry of employers about the lack of basic skills in some university graduates.

The research showed that less than 20% of all university students achieves the levels expected of them in the three key skills,that is,communication,the application of number and information technology.

Some teachers and experts have argued that there are two other key skills which the university students might be expected to show.These skills are to improve their own learning and to work with others.

If we add in these skills,the research showed that only about a dozen university students among nearly two hundred who were tested scored top marks,which is,of course,a very disappointing and uncomfortable figure.





3. 大多数人认为,书本和课本基本上是一回事,其实这种想法是完全错误的。//书本并不仅仅是指课本。如果我们仅仅通过课本去学习,这就意味着我们把自己局限于生活中很狭小的一个方面。



It is a view held by most people that books and textbooks mean almost the same thing,which ,actually,is all wrong.

Books are not just textbooks,and if we only read textbooks,it means that we are concentrating only on one small aspect of life.

Most education experts stress the importance of life-long learning,thinking that an important way of continuing one’s education is by reading books,magazines,and newspapers on every subject.

They point out that education never ends.It is a continuous process.All of us may,and are entirely able to ,accomplish this kind of life-long education.The day we stop learning is the day when we die.

4. 松江大学城作为本市最大的大学社区,于昨日正式启用,迎接来自上海外国语大学、上海外贸学院及立信会计学院三所高校的5500名新生。


松江大学城的建立,旨在使大学生得到全面、健康的发展,即每个学生都得以在德、智、体、美各个方面 有所提高。//按计划,今年年底松江大学城将完成一批大型体育综合设施-包括运动场和体育馆。据市教育部门的官员说,这些设施能承担国际性的比赛。

Songjiang College Town,Shanghai’s first planned university community,officially opened yesterday,welcoming 5,500 freshmen from the three institutions of higher learning,that is,Shanghai International Studies University,Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade and Lixin Accounting College.

The college town has an area of 306 hectares,of which 240 hectares will be developed for educational facilities such as the classrooms and rest for dorms,cafeterias and stores.

The(setting-up of the)college town is to met the ducational objective that every student has an overall healthy development while studying in the town.That is,every student is given the best opportunity to grow morally,intellectually,physically and aesthetically.

Scheduled for completion at year’s end is a massive sports complex-with stadiums and gymnasium that can be used for international competitions,according to city education officials.



1. We established our friendly and cooperative relations on the understanding that we would develop our friendship on the basis of mutual respect and equality,and mutual benefit.

We believe that it is absolutely important that all nations ,big or small,strong or weak,should establish and maintain their relations on these principles.

We appreciate the interest and understanding that China has shown regarding the problems of small and developing countries.

We also appreciate China’s firm support in our economic development.

I look forward,in the next few days,to the opportunity of learning something from your experience on promoting economic and social development in the interest of your people.


我们认为,所有国家,无论大小强弱,都应该在这些原则 的基础上建立和维持相互间的关系,这是至关重要的。//我们赞赏中国关注和理解小国和发展中国家所遇到的问题,我们赞赏中国对我们经济发展的有力支持。//我期待在今后的几天里有机会向你们请教,学习你们为造福贵国人民而促进经济和社会发展的经验。

2.Mr.President,I wish to thank you for your very gracious and eloquent remarks.At this very moment through the wonder of telecommunications,many people are hearing what we say today.

Yes,right now the whole world is watching us.Though what we say here ill soon be forgoten,what we do here will change the world.

We have a social and political system which differs in many respects from your own.It is the result of different experiences and a different tradition.

Given our distinct histories,geographies and cultures,it is inconceivable that we could seee eye to eye on all issues.However,we do agree on the fundamental need for world peace.





3. I have come to China for the beautiful future of our two countries.I am firmly convinced that ,together,we two peoples can and will make tomorrow a better day.

We may be distinctly different in language,customs,and political beliefs,but on many vital questions of our time there is little distance between the American and Chinese people.

China’s economy advances with the dynamics of change.Unlike some governments,which fear change and fear the future,China is beginning to scale new heights.

On behalf of all the members of my delegation,I’d like to express our highest respect for your courage and welcome the opportunity to walk by your side.






1. Bristol is a truly beautiful,interesting and fascinating city.Beautiful parks and gardens leak onto interesting lanes and footpaths,while houses and buildings of old times stand magnificently on the hills of the city.

But Bristol is much more than this;it is a modern city where the latest works in contemporary arts can be found and where the night-life is interesting and varied.

Bristol is surrounded by beautiful countryside,rolling hills,and top class holiday resorts.Some of the country’s most fascinating tourist attractions-castles and palaces-are only a short drive away.

Bristol has always envouraged the tourist industry and welcomed tourist from all parts of the world.There is a superb choice of acommodation available and the city is proud of its many restaurants and cafes.





2. 上海既是一座历史文化名城,也是当今中国最为繁荣的经济中心之一,成为人们向往的观光胜地。




Shanghai,a famous historical and cultural city,and one of the most prosperous economic centers in China,has become a famous scenic spot that people look forward to visiting.

Shanghai provides tourists with a good infrastructure in every aspect.Touring in Shanghai is not only convenient and pleasant,but also safe and comfortable.

To maintain a lasting charm for tourists,Shanghai should earnestly do a good job in all kinds of tourist services to make them feel at home.

We hope and believe that Shanghai will make every tourist stay a longer time and become too delighted to be homesick.A nice memory of the city will linger in the heart of every tourist.

3. 阳朔是个小镇,人口不足三万。它极富盛名,每年有成千上万的游客趋之若骛,从世界各地涌来。




Yangshuo is a small country of less than 30,000 people.Nevertheless,it is so famous that it woos thousands of tourists worldwide all the year round.

In 1998,former US president Bill Clinton came here and delayed his trip to Hong Kong because he was reluctant to leave such a lovely place too soon.

The most tempting place in Yanghuo is the Slabstone Street,which has gained a new name as “The Western Street”.The street,with a total length of 1,000 meters,spans a history of 1,410 years.

On both sides of the street are a few hundred shops,selling mainly souvenirs and antiques to (cater for) the foreigners’ tastes.Strolling on the street,tourists will be amazed to find that Eastern and Western culture blend so well here.






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