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Sudan military to reinstate Hamdok: report

CRI 2021-11-22 29次


China decides to downgrade diplomatic relations with Lithuania

China has decided to downgrade the level of diplomatic relations with Lithuania to charge d'affaires.

This comes after China expressed its opposition to Lithuania's approval of the establishment of a so-called Taiwan representative office in the eastern European country.

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said Lithuania's act violated the one-China principle, and renounced Lithuania's political commitment in the communiqué on the establishment of diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China.

Hong Kong's improved electoral system inclusive, diverse: chief executive

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam says the diverse backgrounds of the candidates running for the Legislative Council election speak of the inclusiveness of the city's improved electoral system.

Her remarks came after 153 candidates were validly nominated for the 7th-term Legislative Council election.

The chief executive says the revamped electoral system also features broad representation and balanced participation.

Freight train loaded with winter supplies departs China for Afghanistan

A freight train loaded with 1,000 tons of humanitarian aid for Afghanistan has departed Urumqi.

The train carrying food, clothes and other winter supplies is scheduled to arrive in Mazar-i-Sharif in 12 days.

Since July, the China-Afghanistan freight trains have delivered more than 2,600 tons of aid to Afghanistan.

China to issue commemorative coins for Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics

China's central bank will issue a set of commemorative coins for the Beijing Paralympic Winter Games next Wednesday.

Both the silver and gold coins feature the official emblem of the Winter Paralympics on the obverse, decorated with pictures of the Great Wall and snowflakes.

The gold coin has a denomination of 80 yuan, or about 12.5 U.S. dollars. Its reverse side is inscribed with the mascot of the Winter Paralympics.

The silver coin comes in a rectangular form and has a denomination of 5 yuan.

It features the signs of six sports at the Winter Paralympics and "Beijing 2022" written in braille.

Chinese company helps build venue for Qatar World Cup final as countdown begins

There is exactly one year to go until the Qatar World Cup.

The venue for the final is being constructed jointly with a Chinese company.

Dan Williams reports from the Lusail Stadium.

Rescue mission continues for 4 missing geologists

Rescuers in Yunnan Province are still searching for four geological investigators that went missing a week ago.

They have discovered a fragment of a raincoat that was carried by the team.

More than 500 rescuers have been deployed for the rescue mission.

The geologists from a Kunming institute entered the Ailao Mountains to survey forestry resources.

The local government received a report that contact had been lost two days after they set out.

Sudan military to reinstate Hamdok: report

Sudan's military will reportedly reinstate ousted Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok after an agreement was reached among relevant parties.

Hamdok's office says the military has lifted movement restrictions and removed the security forces that were stationed outside his home.

Reuters cited an official in reporting that Hamdok will form an independent cabinet of technocrats, and all political detainees will be released.

However, Sudan's main civilian opposition coalition says it does not recognize any political agreement with the military.

More people in U.S. die of COVID-19 this year than in 2020

Data from Johns Hopkins University show that more people in the United States have died from COVID-19 so far this year than the death toll last year.

The total number of fatalities topped 770,000 on Saturday, which is more than twice the over 385,000 deaths recorded last year.

A Wall Street Journal report says cases and hospitalizations are increasing in New England and the upper Midwest, where the seven-day average for new cases is close to 90,000.

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