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China launched an unmanned module(核心舱)on Thursday containing what will become living quarters for three crew on a permanent space stations that it plans to complete by the end of 2022. The module, named “Tianhe”,or “Harmonr of the heavens” which will have a life span of at least 10 years, was launched on the Long March 5B, China’s largest carrier rocket, at 11:23 a.m0323GMTfrom the Wenchang Space Launch Center on the southern island of Hainan. Tianhe is one of three main components of what would be China’s first self-developed space station, rivalling the only other station in service-international Space StationISS. The ISS is backed by the United States, Russia, Europe , Japan and Canada. It has hosted scientists from over a dozen nations but China has banned from sending any of its astronauts there. Yet, the fact of the ISS though in orbit for more than two decades, is now uncertain. The project is set to expire in 2024 without funding from its partners. Russia said this month that it would quit the project from 2025.

The Tianhe launch was the first of 11 missions which it will take to construct and outfit the space station with everying it needs in order to host its initial crew. Unlike the international Space Station which can hold six comfortably and up to eight if needs . China’s space station will initially be capable of supporting up to three astronauts at once. That number could change dramatically in the future if China decides to further build out the station, add new modules, and new living areas. In the later missions, China will launch two other core modules, four manned spacecraft and four cargo spacecraft. At least 12 astronauts of both genders are training to fly to and live in the station, including veterans of precious flights and newcomers. When completed by late 2022, Tianhe is expected to weigh about 66tons.

After years of successful rocket and commercial satellite launches, China put its first astronaut into space in Octobet 2003. It was only the third county to independently do so after the former Soviet Union and the United States. Since that ShenZhou-5 mission, China has sent other astronauts into orbit, placed crews on the original Tiangong Station and conducted a space walk. The launch of a space lab Tiangong-1 in 2011 and Tiangong-2 in 2016 helped China test program’s space rendezvous and docking capabilities. China plans another mission in 2024 to bring back lunar samples and to land people on the moon and possibly build a scientific base there. No timeline has been proposed for such projects. China aims to become a major space power by 2030. It has ramped its space program with visits to the moon, the launch of an uncrewed probe to Mars and the construction of its own space station. The Chinese space agency has been moving fast in its aim to catch up to the U.S and Russia in new space race.


当年大别山地区7岁小女孩苏明娟饱含“我想读书”渴求的大眼睛,出现在希望工程的宣传海报上。苏明娟的老家在金寨县,偏僻、交通闭塞,曾是中国最贫穷的地区之一,很多孩子由于交不起学费而辍学。为了让每一个适龄儿童都能接受义务教育,1898年,共青团中央、中国青少年发展基金会(the Central Committee of Communist Youth League and China Youth Development Foundation)发起建立希望工程。这是我国第一个救助失学儿童的基金。



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