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The World Intellectual Property Organization is the global forum for intellectual property policy, services, information and cooperation. On the 26th of April every year, we celebrate World Intellectual Property Day to learn about the role that intellectual property (IP) rights play in encouraging innovation and creativity. Each year we choose a theme that illustrates how important intellectual property is to society, the economy and to our everyday lives. The theme of this year s campaign is “Reach for Gold: IP and Sports.” Sports are not necessarily something that you would immediately associate with IP.

Today, thanks to advances in broadcasting and communications technologies, anyone, anywhere, can follow sporting action around the clock, tracking the performances of their favorite athletes and teams without leaving home. Previously, fans purchased a ticket to witness an event, in a stadium. Now, broadcasters make it possible for a global fan base to tune into and connect with a sporting event. Sports have become a multi-billion dollar global industry – one that generates investment in facilities, employs millions of people around the world, and entertains many more.

Business relationships built on IP rights help to secure the economic value of sports. This, in turn, stimulates growth of the industry by enabling sporting organizations to finance the events we savor, and by providing the means to promote sports development at the grassroots.

We look at how sports businesses use patents and designs to foster the development of new sports technologies, materials, training, and equipment to help improve athletic performance and engage fans worldwide.

We find out how trademarks and branding maximize commercial revenue from sponsorship, merchandising and licensing agreements. These revenues offset the cost of organizing world class events, such as the Olympic Games and World Cup series, and ensure that the value and integrity of these spectacular events are safeguarded.

This year’s World Intellectual Property Day campaign celebrates the positive role that intellectual property plays in encouraging sports, a wonderful range of pursuits in which human beings have always engaged and which enrich our lives in so many different ways.


In today’s increasingly diverse societies, UNESCO continues to accomplish every day its fundamental humanist mission to support people in understanding each other and working together to build lasting peace. UNESCO also helps to enable people to create and use knowledge for just and inclusive societies.

Yet, lasting peace rests on a complex and fragile web of daily practices embedded in local settings and the most ephemeral encounters that individuals and communities creatively maintain out of the conviction that they constitute the sustainable conditions for living together in dignity and shared prosperity.

At a time of increasing global challenges and threats, such as inequality, exclusion, violence and sectarianism worsened by local tensions and conflicts which undermine humanity’s cohesion, learning to live together among all members of the global community becomes more topical than ever before.

Individuals become interculturally competent through learning and life experience for successful living in the modern complexity of our heterogeneous world and consequently they become prepared to appreciate diversity as well as to manage conflicts in accordance with the values of pluralism and mutual understanding.

On a daily basis, from its Headquarters and in the Field, UNESCO intervenes to accompany its Member States and all its partners to better understand and address the challenges of our more and more diversified societies, particularly through its intergovernmental Programme for Management of Social Transformations (MOST) as well the Culture of Peace and Non-Violence Programme which include, inter alia, initiatives for democracy and global citizenship, intercultural dialogue, education for peace and human rights and peace-building.

Furthermore, UNESCO seeks to promote the development and the practice of sporting activities, as well as the fight against doping to foster social integration in different cultural and political contexts, recognizing that sport disregards both geographical borders and social classes.



近日中共中央、国务院发布了《关于建立健全城乡融合发展体制机制和政策体系的意见》(the Decision on Establishing and Improving the Institution, System, Mechanism and Policy Frame Work for Integrated Urban-Rural Development)。根据《意见》,到2022 年,要初步建立城乡融合发展体制机制,打通城乡要素自由流动的制度性通道,建成城乡统一的建设用地市场,形成农村产权保护交易制度框架。最终目标是缩小城乡发展差距和居民生活水平差距。








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