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Ambassador Zheng Zeguang Delivers a Video Speech at the Launch of the China Council of the Sustainable Markets Initiative







Your Excellency Vice Premier Hu Chunhua,

Your Royal Highness The Prince of Wales,

Chairman Ren Hongbin,

Your Excellency Ambassador Caroline Wilson,

Provincial leaders of Jiangxi,

Friends from the Business Community:


It is a real delight to join you at the launch of the China Council of the Sustainable Markets Initiative. On behalf of the Chinese Embassy in the UK, I would like to extend our warm congratulations on the launch of the China Council.


The China Council was established under the personal care and guidance from President Xi Jinping and HRH The Prince of Wales, and with the joint efforts of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the Office of HRH The Prince of Wales. It is a new platform for China and the UK to engage in closer cooperation on sustainable development with the rest of the world.


The China Council conforms to the global trend of green development.

At present, the transition to green and low-carbon development in order to achieve sustainable growth has become an extensive international consensus. Under the guidance of Xi Jinping thought on ecological civilisation and with the carbon peak and carbon neutrality targets in mind, China is making efforts to tackle climate change, improve the ecological environment, and promote green and low-carbon development, with a view to building a modern country of harmony between man and Nature and pursuing a global community of development. The UK attaches great importance to sustainable development. China has set the “net zero” target and rolled out detailed implementation plans. It is my belief that the China Council will provide new driving force for the green development in China, the UK and beyond and for global joint efforts to build a beautiful home for mankind.


The China Council meets the aspiration of the peoples of our two countries for closer cooperation.

Over the past 50 years since the establishment of ambassadorial diplomatic relations between China and the UK, exchanges and cooperation between our two countries have served the interests of our peoples, who aspire for closer dialogue and cooperation. In the face of increasing instabilities and uncertainties in the international situation, it is important that China and the UK keep to the major direction of dialogue and cooperation on the basis of mutual respect, openness and inclusiveness. This will promote the economic development in both countries, bring the two countries together in response to global challenges, and deliver more benefits to the peoples of both countries and beyond. I believe the China Council will create new opportunities for Chinese and British businesses to expand the mutually-beneficial cooperation and for our peoples to deepen mutual understanding.


The China Council needs the active participation of the business communities of our two countries.

I am sure that the corporate members of the China Council will seize the opportunities of global green transition, leverage their respective strengths, and vigorously expand win-win cooperation in such areas as environmental protection, low-carbon development, green finance and smart cities. Through these efforts, you can contribute to the sustainable development in China, in the UK and around the world. The Chinese Embassy in the UK will follow through on the important directions of President Xi Jinping and provide the China Council with the support and facilitation needed in its work.


In conclusion, I wish the China Council success!

Thank you!

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